current projects

The Immaculate Reception (2014)


Super 16mm 16 Min

During the famous football game between the Steelers and Raiders, Joey a shy, 16 year old gets the chance to prove himself when the girl he likes comes over to watch the game.

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Jewish Girls are Easy (2013)


HD 13min

Tova is suppose to host Passover but her brother Sol is missing with the brisket and Colin, that mornings one night stand thinks the hickey on her breast is the Virgin Mary and won't leave her side.

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Lobster (2010)

HD + TRT 13.56

All Molly wants to do is leave her boring town in coastal Maine for college in the big city. Then she meets Cliff a local lobster man who shows her the beauty of her hometown.

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Untitled Film Installation (2008)

16mm Film Loop

Image from 16mm film loop rear projected into 4 x 8 foot black box. Made during a residency with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.